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When will the musicians arrive?
We will be at the location at least 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

How will you select prelude music?

We have a large book of Classical, Baroque, and Romantic selections that we will play from. If you have favorite pieces that you would like your guests to hear as a part of the prelude, we will add those selections to the mix.

How long will Azalea Strings play prior to the start of the ceremony?

We normally start the prelude music about 30 minutes prior to the start time of your ceremony. For outdoor events or small gatherings, 15 minutes may suffice. Shorter prelude time allows for a longer ceremony or additional postlude music if musicians are hired for 1 hour only.

What will the musicians wear to my event?

This is a general outline of what we typically wear to events:
Formal: women - long blak slacks or skirt, long-sleeved black blouse, men - tuxedo
Informal: women - long black slacks with solid colored short sleeved blouse, men - long black slacks, white dress shirt, tie

Will you accompany singers or other instrumentalists?

Yes, in certain circumstances. We will need the sheet music provided (if we do not already have it) and at least one rehearsal with the performer.

Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?
Not normally. Because we have played at so many weddings, we are comfortable discussing our role in your ceremony over the phone or in person. If you have an unusual situation or a complicated ceremony, you might want to consider having a musician attend your rehearsal (fee of $75/hr.)

Will you travel outside of Gainesville?

Yes, we have performed in events as far north as Savannah, GA and as far South as Fort Lauderdale, FL. There is usually a fee associated with travel, though.

Do you need a microphone or any amplification?
No, we prefer to not play with amplification. In the case of a large, outdoor event, we can set up closer to the audience, and that

What if I change my selections?
That's fine - especially if you choose from our repertoire list. If you would like to add a piece that we do not already own, please make sure you let us know a week before your event.

What should I expect to provide for the musicians?

We will need one armless chair for each musician. If we will be playing outside, adequate shade and shelter from rain is necessary.

Do you require a deposit and when is final payment due?

We don't require a deposit as long as we have a completed and signed contract. Full payment is due on the day of your event. You may pay ahead, and in that case, we will hold your check until after we perform. Please also be aware that we cannot cash checks made out to Azalea Strings. This has caused us many problems in the past, and we strongly appreciate checks made out properly (see contract).

Contracts are available on the front page of our site, and can be downloaded, filled out, and mailed to Azalea Strings. Please speak to someone first about reserving your date before sending the contract.
We are now accepting new violin and cello students. If you are interested in taking lessons, or know someone who is, follow the link to find out more about the Azalea Strings Studio .

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