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String Trio
(most popular)
two violins and a cello - this group is appropriate for all sized gatherings, repertoire is extensive, sound is full and strong.
String Duo two violins or violin & cello - this group works well at smaller, more intimate settings. Because the sound is not as full as the trio, it is not recommended for large, outdoor spaces.
String Quartet two violins, viola & cello - this group is best for large, open settings and parties that last longer than three hours. Sound-wise, the quartet is not significantly different from the trio.
Solo A solo instrumentalist is most appropriate in small, indoor settings. Not recommended for wedding receptions or parties.
Harp Trio violin, cello & harp - very classy ensemble that spans baroque to romantic repertoire. May be combined with other ensembles for cocktail hours or receptions.
Harp Duo violin or cello & harp - for the budget-minded individuals who would like to include a harp in the ensemble.. violin & harp is a lovely combination!
We are now accepting new violin, cello & harp students. If you are interested in taking lessons, or know someone who is, follow the link to find out more about the Azalea Strings Studio .

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